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Hiscox Cases

supplied by guitar maker Roy Courtnall-Summerfield

(violin cases, viola cases, guitar cases, cello cases, saxophone cases)

*   Competitive prices *

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Guitar - PRO



Guitar - STD















Brass Horn





 Free delivery to  United  Kingdom addresses

(some addresses in Scotland are extra)


     " For many years I have used Hiscox Cases for all my     instruments, and I recommend them because of their excellent quality and affordable prices. "      Roy Courtnall


Hiscox Cases have a unique "Liteflite" construction, which provides a case that is both extremely strong and very light in weight. We supply the entire range of Hiscox cases, which are available for Guitar, Violin, Viola, Cello, Saxophone, Horn, and Euphonium. There are many different designs of Hiscox case, to suit most instrument models.

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Guitar Plans


Stand out from the crowd!

Any Guitar Case can be ordered in

 IVORY for a small extra charge!

See what these colours look like


 If you're looking for a guitar like a Gibson or a Fender guitar, you're going to get a quality sound.  The best musicians in the world have quality guitars because they know quality equipment makes great music.