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New innovative light-weight designs made from 100% Carbon-Fibre or GRP/Kevlar/Carbon Fibre mixture

Supplied by luthier Roy Courtnall at lowest prices - that's a promise!

(I will always beat any other genuine quote you may find.)

The latest addition to the Headcase range of cases is the hard Double Bass Case:

Model One:  100% Carbon-Fibre Case weighing 16 kg.

Model Two: Hybrid Case (Mixture of Carbon-Fibre, Glass Fibre and Kevlar) weighing 22 kg.

Very strong, yet light-weight case for total protection. The case is supplied with heavy duty nylon castors (80 mm diameter) for easy movement and it has handmade leather handles.

Headcase Double Bass Cases are available to accommodate 3/4 to full size instruments - Whatever size your Bass is, you are welcome to send me a template (just draw round the instrument onto a sheet of paper) and I will arrange for the factory to customise your case internally to ensure a snug fit, at no extra charge!

All Headcases are made to order, and this takes about two or three weeks.






















double-bass1.jpg (9433 bytes)           double-bass2.jpg (10413 bytes)

Black Case

BASS2.jpg (23041 bytes)                                BassBACK.jpg (28254 bytes)

White Case (front and back  views)        Vertical anti-scuff bars - optional at no extra cost

BassINT.jpg (40130 bytes)          BassSide.jpg (26875 bytes)         BassFitts.jpg (6707 bytes)

Blue Interior                               Side view                            Top Quality Fittings  


Double Bass case specification

Manufactured from a unique Glass-Reinforced-Plastic / Kevlar / Carbon Fibre mixture.

Net Weight 19kg
Height 2.1mm
Maximum Width 0.78m
Maximum Depth 0.45m
Shipping Volume 2.2m x 0.95m x 0.60

Colours: Antique White or Black are standard. Others by special arrangement

Fittings: Fitted with 9 easy-use, heavy duty catches and one padlocked fitting for security; 3 real leather handles, 2 heavy payload nylon castors and 2 heavy duty hinges.

Interior: Designed to take all size instruments from to full-size double bass, lined with hard-wearing, blue ripple chenille. Adjustable padding on shoulders and base - we can design padding specifically for your instrument if you supply a template. An adjustable neck strap and adjustable body strap with protective sleeve are provided. There are two bow holders and a large storage compartment for strings, rosin etc.

The interior is lined in deluxe chenille, and provides two bow holders. There are adjustable body and neck belts and a storage compartment for rosin and strings.

The case can accommodate instruments from 3/4 to full size. When ordering, you can supply a template (just draw round the entire instrument onto a sheet of paper) and the interior can then be further tailored at no extra charge,  to ensure a snug fit.

The case weighs 19 kg and will fit into the back of a typical estate car.

A range of colour options are available for both the exterior and interior.   

Exterior colours for your Double Bass Case:

Choose one of these stylish colours:

  • Chocolate
  • Maroon
  • Post Office Red
  • Pirate Red
  • Tangerine
  • Bright Yellow
  • Dolphin Green
  • British Racing Green
  • Navy Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Regal
  • Fuchsia
  • White
  • Grey
  • Black   (see left to right in the row below:)

 ColourSwatch.jpg (5146 bytes)

Interior Colours:

Every Headcase  is hand-lined in luxury fabric in a choice of 4 colours:

case-interior-colours.jpg (9841 bytes)    

                                              Wine      Evergreen    Navy Blue   Silver



All HeadCase handles, locks, catches and accessories are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards. Catches and locks, whilst not being the lightest that could have been used, are both well-made and robust, ensuring years of trouble-free usage. Don't compromise the security of your musical instrument by buying a case with lightweight, inferior catches.

HeadCase   Guarantee:

HeadCase  guarantee all their cases against faulty materials or workmanship for three years from date of purchase.


BassInCase1.jpg (36166 bytes)

Removable inner pads allow a loose case to be contained if you wish.


B2.jpg (18283 bytes)